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Synchronization problems between Android and Win 10 App

Synchronization problems between Android and Win 10 App






(Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Windows PC)

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(Android Oreo, Windows 10)


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I often noticed that the Spotify Windows 10 app doesn't synchronize with my Android app. For example, I have "I beg you" from Aimer on my smartphone, but I still had to manually update the song library on my PC. Also whole albums I add via smartphone to my collection are affected by this feature too (It's not a bug, it's a feature).

Yes, my smartphone has a working internet connection (mobile data + WLAN)

Until now there was a workaround to terminate the Spotify Windows app in the Task Manager and after restarting I suddenly got all the songs added, but now it doesn't work anymore.

It doesn't bother me very much, but it's annoying if you want to listen to a certain song, which is not synchronized on your PC.


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