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System sounds, Discord and other programs silencing Spotify

System sounds, Discord and other programs silencing Spotify

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Windows 10


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Recently, programs such as Discord and even some games along with system sounds are slightly silencing Spotify. Any sound that goes through Discord including people talking lower Spotify's volume. 

The attached settings in both Windows and Discord are disabled


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Hey @BrandonLane008,


The Spotify app doesn't have any setting of this sort. Do you use the Spotify app or the Web Player? There might be a setting in the system that needs to be changed, rather than with Spotify. 


Do you use only one output device? What kind? 


Let us know and we'll see what we can do 🙂

I got the same problem with discord...


I cant remember how I solved this as it was a long while ago now but I will try to help. What sound drivers do you have? 

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