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Ten hours in five minutes?

Ten hours in five minutes?


Hey there guys! Long time listener, gladly first-time poster. Now, I am having a slight problem with my Spotify right now as my account was apparently switched over to the new model forcibly, as all others were... The problem being, this is the first time in a couple of months that I've started up Spotify, and after about five minutes of play time, my ten hours per month, or 150 minutes per week, are all out. See, I'm not a brilliant man by any stretch of the imagination, but it just strikes me as odd when I am given 150 minutes and they run out after I played A Boy With a Coin by Iron & Wine once. Is there some kind of problem in measuring the rate at which users use up their minutes, or do you just keep counting if I pause a song in the middle of play to go have a meal and a chat with the family? Also, since this is an obvious problem and I didn't get them, is there a way to reset these 150 minutes?

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All right. I apologise, but the topic seems to have resolved itself. After the song actually finished playing (I was having problems adding songs to the queue), the time reverted to normal. Very strange.

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