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The bugs never end.

The bugs never end.

I have suffered from what would easily be nearing a hundred unique bugs, in the last few years alone. I've had them across devices; from broken functionality to critical bugs, bad design and busted installations, and even a hacked account. Some plague me momentarily, others go on for years and years, and quite a few have completely prevented me from using Spotify for days on end.


The frequency at which I find new bugs has only accellerated as time has gone on; long past the point of absolute ridiculousness.
Instead of suffering in silence, I'm going to start flooding these forums with every new bug I encounter - so that the people tasked with pretending to listen to users get a sense for how dysfunctional this **bleep**ing program has been for me.

So, here three new bugs that surfaced yesterday and today. I've never had them before.


- Very often, when I try to right click (to open the drop-down menu) Spotify will act like i'm double clicking. This will instantly play the song, playlist, or album i'm clicking on, instead of opening a menu with options. Infuriating.

- Spotify goes still; buttons can be clicked, but they don't do anything. When restarted, it loads with a black screen. It straightens up eventually; but restarting the program or computer has no effect.

- Spotify gets stuck transfering the song stream between devices. It will fail to properly load on the new device, moving the stream but rendering the stream inaccessible; and then will do the same when trying to transfer the stream back to the device.


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Hi @swanky-n-spanky,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having such an experience with the app.


There are issues which arise in software development, however the teams at Spotify try to sort them out as quickly as possible. Fixing these often can be done only in a new release of the app. Sometimes issues are device/set up related and can be fixed with some troubleshooting. 


We'd be happy to help out so that you can enjoy your music again 🙂


We'd recommend you run through the following suggestions, to assure that you're running the latest version of the app and that those issues are not caused by broken or corrupted files.

  • Run a clean reinstall of the app. Follow the device specific steps in this Guide exactly.
  • Check out if there are any entries Containing Spotify in your computer's host files. You can follow this Answer for guidance.
  • Try downloading the app from our Website instead of the MS store or vice versa.
  • Log in with a different account and check if you experience the same issues. Sometimes accounts get broken and need to be transferred. This will help us understand if the issue is device related or account related.

Let us know if that helped 🙂

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Five years ago, I might've thought this was a reasonable solution to a poorly made, perpetually glitched-out app.

Anyway, here's the new bug of the week:


- When trying to search up a song, it doesn't come up in the search results. But it can be found through playlists and artists; proving that it is still in the catalogue.


Hi there @swanky-n-spanky,

Thank you for your reply.


Can you confirm if you performed a clean reinstall of the app? This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


If that doesn't do the trick, can you send us a screen recording so that we can have a closer look directly from your end?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.





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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Cool! Awesome! Totally!


But honestly, after about five years of perpetual reinstalls across a number of devices, it's hard to keep throwing the blame away from the maggot developers.


Anyway, here's another brand new bug:

- When pressing shuffle on a playlist on mobile, without currently having a stream active, the playlist will not play.

Hi again @swanky-n-spanky


Thanks for getting back to us. We'd like to help you sort this out.


Could you send over a video where we can take a better look at what's happening? You can send a link to it or attach it using the Insert Video option in the post editor. This will help us investigate further.


Also, let us know your phone's make, model, exact OS version and the Spotify version you're currently running. 


We'll be on the lookout.

New desktop bugs:

- Clicking in-app seems to click one of the mouse buttons randomly. For instance; Left-clicking might be processed as a right-click, or middle-mouse click.


New android bugs:

- Songs will occasionally be skipped with no warning. They will have to be readded several times to work.


Hey @swanky-n-spanky


Thank you for the reports. 


Would you mind letting us know the troubleshooting steps you've already tried? This will help us give you better suggestions in order to sort this out.


Keep us posted.



Sure. Totally. Why not.


New bug from last night:

- When queuing certain songs, they won't be added to the play queue. After clicking and playing the song, the songs are all suddently added to the que.

Hey @swanky-n-spanky,


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


We'll need more information so we can investigate this further.


Could you share with us the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far? That way we'll able to avoid any repeating steps.


You can also send us a video recording of the issue so we can see what's happening on your end. 


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.

Ver Moderator
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Android version:

- the mechanism for playing a song using any method - the shuffle-play button, tapping songs in a playlist, swiping through the queue - glitched out and ceased to work. No music could be played by any means until Spotify was restarted.

Hey @swanky-n-spanky,


Thanks for the reply.

Could you attach a screen recording or a video with your next post as @Ver requested? This will help us look into the matter further.

You can add it as an MP4 attachment or as a link to an external video sharing platform.



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Three more new bugs for ya.


- While streaming on another advice, the stream cannot be affected in any way by a secondary device - by playing songs, queueing songs, skipping, or pausing. It simply says, "Spotify can't play this right now." Entering or exiting the program has no effect.

- Spotify keeps randomly showing the message, over and over again, "Spotify can't play this right now"; even when Spotify isn't being used, and is in the background.


- a Spotify stream can be controlled by another device - but the information for the stream (the song progress, queue, and even the song itself) becomes stuck on an old song from an old stream, for an extended period of time. Skipping, pausing, or otherwise affecting the stream on will work, but no has no effect in updating the stream info.




New bugs:


- Spotify fails to function in the main window, which stays blank. Only the search bar is visible; any searches fail, simply displaying a small, red warning saying "Ooops, something went wrong"



Evolutions on old bugs:


- Spotify is no longer able to track the progress of a stream between devices, at all. Previous songs are displayed while it waits to update; and no playtime is given.

Hey @swanky-n-spanky


We're sorry to hear that you're still experiencing issues. We'd like to help you sort this out.


Keep in mind that we've asked for the previous info in order to investigate what might be causing the issue. 


If you've tried any troubleshooting steps, it would be very helpful to know so we can give you better suggestions. 


We'll be on the lookout.

New bugs:


- Holding shift while clicking in two different spots in the song queue will not select the songs between them - instead, it will select every song in the queue, up until the second song selected.
Everywhere else, it functions normally.


- The play queue can no longer be scrolled, while holding songs and hovering to the top or bottom of the list. Songs have to be moved bit-by-bit up the list.


Hi there @swanky-n-spanky,


Thank you for your reply.


Can you provide us a screen recording when you reproduce what's happening in the queue?

Regarding marking songs - this is expected behavior. The best way to provide your feedback regarding the desktop app would be in this thread.


We'll bee on the lookout for your reply.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

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