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The friend feed failed to load

The friend feed failed to load

I have disconnectd and reconnected to my internet multiple times; however, the friend feed states: "Hmm, the Friend Feed failed to load" 

It has been doing this for over a week and I want it fixed so I can see what my friends are listening to.

I also attatched a photo of what it looks like.

Help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Friend Feed.PNG
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Have you already reinstalled spotify?

Not yet as I do not wish to be forced to re-download all of my songs; but, if this is the next course of action I’ll do it in the morning.


Thanks for the recommendation and I’ll get back to you soon.




Okay, I have un-installed and re-installed Spotify with no luck, the friend feed still states that it has "failed to load". I am now unsure of what to do next.


[Edit] I signed out of Spotify and into a different (not premium) account of mine and the friend feed works.

I then tried signing back into my premium account and it doesn't work again 😕

Idk what to do

Where did you get your Spotify PC version? From the windows store or from the installer?

I’ve tried both and I reached out to a Spotify employee through the live chat who said that he’d add me to a list of people with the problem so when more people are added to it, the issue will be looked into 😕

Found a *temporary* solution. If you navigate to the user folder in the Spotify installation folder, you'll see a file called abba.json. If you delete that and restart Spotify, you can see the Friend Feed. Only works after deleting it though. Maybe this is a hint?

This may or may not work

Got quite the same problem! It looks like my friend feed is actually loading, but only sometimes or just for a few friends.


Lots of friends of mine where i know that they listen to music almost everyday are not available because regarding to Spotify they didnt listen to music for over 7 days. Pretty strange... didnt put the private session on, tried to restart and reinstall it but it didnt work... any ideas?

How do you do that?

Hey all 🙂


These issues with the Friend Activity tab are known and currently being investigated.

Keep your eye on the Issue thread for more information and updates!


The abba.json method sounds interesting though. @reggiemyveggies did the issue reappear after trying this?


I don't seem to have issues with the Friend Feed myself (i think), but if anyone wants to try that method out, the file's location is C:\Users\'username'\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\123456789-user


Let me know how it goes!

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Hey @reggiemyveggies
I have the same problem and already tried numerous things but without any success.
I just tried the workaround you posted but without any success, does this fix actually still work for you?

Yeah, this still works for me. Does the friend feed reappear if you delete the file and relaunch Spotify? 

Still not working for me either 😕

Hey @reggiemyveggies

nope, I did exactly as you wrote, deleted the file and relaunched Spotify but my friend feed just won't reappear. Weird how it works for you but not for me. I've created my own thread for this problem and over there I stated that it probably has nothing to do with my installation of the client so deleting the file should actually make no difference (I did some troubleshooting and posted the results in my thread feel free to join and post what you've already tried, maybe we can find a solution for this bc Spotify doesn't actually seem to do anything, not trying to complain but I mean come on, it's been multiple weeks...).

Hi, delete this folder fixed my freind's activity issue. thx

It worked for me , thanks a lot!

Ugh, I think i found a more permanent workaround instead of deleting abba.
Go into C:\Users\(urNAME)\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\(urNAME)-user.
Here find abba.json and open it up with a text editor.
You will see a long string of Flags, all you have to do is delete the first    "{"    (literally the first character).
Save, exit and right click on adda.json, select peroperties, here check the "Read Only" box and click apply.
Open up Spotify and see if it worked!



Holy **bleep**! THANK YOU!! Been having this problem for weeks now and I decided to try fixing it again just now and saw your post! I would have given up for another few weeks if I had looked only a few hours earlier haha. Thanks again, this is the permanent solution. Will report back if that changes.

Update rolled out, seems to break my method until you delete  everything from AppData\Local\Spotify and AppData\Roming\Spotify

After this reinstall spotify
After reisntalling you can go ahead and edit abba.json again.
Or at least that was my experience.

Edit: Editing abba seems to make spotify think an update is avalible. Do not update.

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