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This track is not available for all tracks


This track is not available for all tracks




Two days ago out of the blue Spotify desktop app started showing "This track is not available" for all the tracks.

I have basically tried all the tips to remedy this problem but without any success.

I did:

- removed sound drivers

- disabled  and reenabled local storage

- disabled high quality streaming

- reinstalled the app

- logged to the app on another computer

- Tweaked sound device settings (disable enhancments etc)


My setup

- Dell Latitude 5450

- Windows 7 Pro 64bit

- Sound playing through dac/amp via usb (tried to play songs without it as well)


Other facts:

- I have premium account

- Spotify works on other machines (computer, tablet, phone)

- On the machine where desktop app does not work I also installed alternative Spotify client - Clementine. After adding my Spotify account it played my playlists without a problem.


This paragraph I would like to dedicate to Spotify desktop app devs.

Being a programmer I can clearly see that the problem is not with machine or OS configuration but with desktop app itself.

Many paying customers reported this issue over the months and the fact that this bug is still present is unacceptable.

Shame on you Spotify devs, shame (bell ringing), shame....



144 Replies

Yeah, Spotify's lack of any response is really disapointing.
I don't think it is a Windows problem. I recently updated to Windows 10 and Spotify client worked normally.

You Rock this worked perfectly!

Not sure if this will help or not but I was having the same issue just now. I closed spotify, reopened it, it did an automatic update and the songs that wouldn't play before started playing.

It seems to break on Windows 10 every few updates. Any time it happens I pretty much just have to install an old version of it. Getting pretty sick of this to be honest, this has happened a few times now.

I don't think it is a Windows 10 related problem. My laptop running on Windows 7 ans it also happened to me.

Thanks for the older version, it worked ! but I hoped staff will fix this sooner !

Thanks for the fix, erikc.

Not happy this happened as I spent better part of  2 hours trying to fix this issue. Spotify needs to fix these bugs.

This worked for me!! I had tried everything! Installing the early version is a great fix. Hope they create a working update soon.

This worked for me as well!  Thank you for posting, really appreicate it.  But agree with other users-- Shouldn't have to do a work around for Spotify.  Playing music is a pretty basic function of what the app should do.


Appricate your help, the time in you invested into the fix and the link to install.  Thanks so much!

OMG!!! Thank you!!! I have been having this problem for WEEKS!! BLESS YOU!!!

Hello I pretty much had the same problem (Win 10 Pro, New Spotify wouldnt play after an update) Tried everything in these posts for 2 weeks. Old Version would work, but for some reason it would always install the new version even after the setup_new.exe / sig switch.


I got it to work now with the new version and just wanted to let you know what i did, maybe it helps someone out there.


I contacted Spotify support directly. They asked a bunch of questions and gave me a test account to test the software with and asked me to test it in Win Safe Mode too. 

So I did:

- Switched Account to their test account in Win Normal Mode... no Luck...

-Switched into Win Safe Mode (with Test Account)

- The Windows Firewall asked me to allow Spotify! (In Win Normal Mode I have Kaspersky Firewall, with spotify allowed)

- Still Spotify not playing...

- Still in Safe Mode i switched to my normal Spotify Account..... still not playing.

- Switched back to normal mode... IT PLAYS!! Even a day later and restarting the system, it is still playing with the newest version. 


Not sure if it was alloweing the Firewall exclusion in Safe Mode or Switching the Account there... but afterwards it simply works again...


Sorry this got long... Well maybe this helps others! Good luck!


Quick Edit: Spotify Support contacted me again: To finalize this and make sure everything is working they wanted me to: Delete Spotify Storage again. Uninstall Spotify completely! Then download and install newest version again.. Log in... Still working!


Edit2: Friend of mine at work was having the same issue. She was able to fix it with theses steps aswell. 

Same problem here. Fixed by rolling back to previous version. 


Wasted ~30mins of my life 'fixing' this. Wake up Spotify

Rolling back to 1.0x did not work for me... All other ways of streaming (mobile, via Panasonic All1C) work fine, also via desktop app. I'm on Windows 10, everything worked fine until last week.


Any news from the Spotify staff???

ugh now mine isn't working.  How do you get in touch with someone directly?

same here, any other solution?

Hey that worked thanks!

Works. What an annoying bug. May as well stay on this version till it doesn't work anymore, I never noticed anything with their neverending updates anyways.

Hi All,


I had the same problem over the past couple of weeks and landed here to find a solution.  While sifting through the comments, I was playing around with the settings and seemed to find a fix by doing the following;


Go To: Settings

> Show Advanced Settings

> Proxy > Update Proxy


Seemed to fix the issue for me without re-installing.


Good Luck

worked like a charm! Thanks!

before it would play perfectly on my phone, but the desktop version would every now and then play or say song is not available for ALL songs.

have a great day!

I have having this same issue with my system as well:

  - Windows 7

  - Spotify:


I have tried:

   - Enabling/disabling the HQ steaming

   - Enabling/disabling the hardware acceleration

   - Logging off, deleting the <user>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify, uninstalling, re-installing

   - Enable/disable the audio devices on the machine


The only thing that seems to fix the issue is by downgrading my version of spotify to an older version (as recommended by other users).


The fact that the older versions work makes me believe that this is a bug with the application and not any setting with my desktop.  


This problem has been KILLING me over the past few months, your solution fixed it.  Thank you!!!

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