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Too many lyrics showing

Too many lyrics showing

Ever since I connected my phone on spotify connect, the lyrics are shown full in the whole song and you scroll through them. It won't even autoscroll for you once you need to. I hate this and I want it to go back to when 2-3 lines are shown at a time, scrolling for me, and in a large font. This is how it normally was on my computer, until I decided to connect it one day.


Things I've tried: Deleting spotify on my phone, switching accounts to one my phone isn't logged in on, shutting down my computer, closing and reopening desktop app, minimizing the spotify screen, maximizing it, forgetting the device on spotify connect and logging into a new account so it isn't remembered.



8 Replies

+1. New lyrics view looks weird, especially with short strings. Plus, it's buggy - no autoscroll when i'm clicking far from the current song position. I prefer 3-string version much more. Please, add an option to set the number of lyrics strings shown at one time.

+1 I'm having this too. I hope they revert it or at least make it optional because it's awful.

+1 I'm having the same issue/update. I hope they revert it or at least make it optional because it looks awful.

Agreed. 3-string version was better. It would be nice to have more flexible customization.

I'm having the same issue. Previous version was better.

Hi there folks,

Thank you for your replies and all of the feedback you've been providing us.


We understand that it can feel frustrating with changes. We always want the best experience for our users.  Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to improve our features.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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I have been scrolling around for a solution for ages and still haven't found one, I just want the lyrics to go back to how they were before - I'm super confused why this is still an issue as I am finding complaints of text size from like 2014 (as well as more recent complaints of lyric background colour, auto scrolling problems, etc)? People have even replied with suggestions like editing code, manually altering window size through computer settings, and there's even sketchy looking files you can download just to change this..  I'm not an expert by any means but surely its not a massive challenge to allow the user to just edit these things within Spotify? Even in writing this post there's options to change font type, size, colour, etc. 


I loved the way the desktop interface for Spotify looked - it's why I chose it over other streaming services. But with each update it just seems to get harder and harder to use, and the same complaints keep getting shut down again and again (and they've been voiced from as far back as like 2014 to this post which was made last week) because they don't get enough votes. 


I'm very happy to continue paying for premium, I have for a while and I do like it and have found it to be worth the money, but I'm not sure that it will continue to be worth it looking at how these updates are going.


Maybe there's lots of great change going on behind the scenes, but purely from a user standpoint, it's getting worse. Whether for accessibility or for the aesthetic or whatever, these random unalterable font adjustments and various other changes are just insanely annoying. 


Like you said, changes can be frustrating. And these changes are very, very much so.


Please, don't just read the feedback, have someone actually implement it.

The idea of votes in the community is great, but surely an actual human can review them every once in a while, see what it looks like in the app, and actually understand what the complaint is rather than wait for the system to pick it up as a popular suggestion? I assume Spotify employees actually use Spotify - surely they also see changes that could be implemented that would hugely improve the user interface?


Make it easier for us to use. Make it easier for people to justify spending money and time on your service. I apologise if this seems rude, it isn't intended so, but I'm just so tired of having to work around random podcast suggestions and weird layouts and a generally hard to navigate interface for a service I'm PAYING for.


Thank you.

I assume that they're just going to ignore this while giving no rationale for the changes. Disappointing, I'll start looking for a better service.

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