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Top recommendations for you is NOT updating

Top recommendations for you is NOT updating

For the past 3 weeks the "top recommendations for you" has not been updated at all.


It's true for all my laptops. Both work and private machines.


Please fix the  issue. 


Another thing I have been complaining about that you have ignored is that it's not possible to see from the icon for an artist if it's a full album, an EP or just a single song. It's really annoying. You need to provide the information. You could add in the lower right or top right corner of the icon the number (count) of songs that will show when the icon is pressed.










Operating System

Windows 10




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Hey there @cbreum,

thanks for posting in the community !


The more a user plays music on Spotify the more work there is for the algorithm to kick in.

If you're a user which plays music more than the average user it will update itself more quickly.


For the second question, as Spotify works under resrictions and legal artist\label contracts, it is totally up to the artist which name and how he wants it to be written.

In some cases it'll be written and in some it won't - This has nothing to do with the app planners.


Hope this sheds some light 😃

I listen to music all day. For the past several weeks I go in and see the same **bleep** recommended albums. It's not like I'm listening to the same type of music all the time either. and even if I'd think I'd at least see one new by now. Possibly there are some of us out here who aren't getting updates the way we should?


Mine hasn't been working for about 3 weeks or so, maybe even more.  I listen to a TON of different music all day long and it still isn't updating.   PLEASE FIX THIS!  

Hi @


Thanks for your reply. I'm using Spotify every day for at least 3-7 hours. Still it does not update.


Regarding the Icon/"album cover". Sure it's the artists that decide how it looks. As I wrote if you click the image you are taken to either a single song, multiple songs, an EP og an Album. Since Spotify have that information I would like them to show us the number of songs. If not on the image then just below it or beside it. 

Same here and it doesn't depend on the version.  Because I don't have recent version on Windows, but I do on Android and the suggestions are the same on both different versions on different devices. Not updated since mid-January, I think. Both recommendations of the artists/albums and Daily Mixes. Can't tell which is more frustrating

Seems like the "top recs not updating" issue has been around for a while, as I see lots of postings from about a year ago, and now a new flurry in Feb/Mar of 2019. This make me think that it's a matter of updates simply being turned off with no obvious way to turn them back on, rather than an actual problem that needs fixing by spotify. I wish I could find the answer to this.

I'm currently having this problem on all my devices (Windows 10 PCs, Windows 7 Enterprise, and Android Phone) -- same list of recs on all devices, with no update for several days.

Hey thanks. Yes, I saw it'd been brought up before too. I followed a few old recommendations of removing the app from my systems and adding it again...figuring that would update to the latest and possibly turn back on the updates for recommendations but no luck. I contacted support and they suggested I check to see if Private Session was enabled or had been as that would limit what was being tracked (or something) but I never use private session feature so I knew it wasn't that.  I let them know so hopefully they'll get back to me with another option.

Hi All


Just got a new update for Spotify....did it fix the issue? NO it did not. I'm sure it's a server side problem. 


No repsonse from the Spotify team at all. So sad.

Me too. Very frustrating.

Guys! After a couple of weeks, my recommendations on Discover page were updated today, on all devices. I hope they'll for you too. Also, I hope it won't be happening anymore.

Yes same for me! Clearly a server side problem.

Mine has finally updated as well. 

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