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Trouble uploading my local files to spotify

Trouble uploading my local files to spotify

I am trying to download Death Bed by Powfu on to my Spotify account. I have downloaded the song from 3 different websites. I know exactly what file i put it in and for some reason in my folder i have labeled “Spotify” it says nothing is there when i go into the Spotify app on my laptop. However i know the song is there because i have played it and it works fine on my laptop. I’m just not sure how to get it so it shows up in my local files. 

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Hi there @Bhoppes2,

thanks for posting about this !


Please make sure to check this help page for further instructions.

This thread holds some vital info as well.


Make sure you're uploading your files the right way.


Hope this helps.

Keep me posted 🙂

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