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Unreachable Albums ?

Unreachable Albums ?

Hey guys,


I noticed a whole lot of albums i was listening to dissapear (from playlists and the artist's page) which is totally not cool... But regardless I also have been encountering albums that are not possible to get to by searching the artist's page. Luckily, I already have a playlist with the albums in it, but I can't get to the albums through the search bar! Has anyone else encountered this? 


Can anyone get the the albums 'Power Show', 'Na Poi', or 'Chop 'n' Quench' by Fela Kuti? I can't seem to get to them outside of the playlist I've created. Are they going to remove these songs or something? If I didn't have the playlist, I think the only way to reach these songs would be a lucky chance in a radio station based on Fela Kuti.



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Hey @quinnmct 🙂 


Just wondering, do you have those mentioned albums by Fela Kuti as local files (which you own) on your computer? 


I have looked them up in the catalogue 'Power Show' and 'Chop 'n' Quench' appear to be currently unavailable in all countries and 'Na Poi' has very limited availability. 



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Hey Peter,


Yeah I don't have any of these songs downloaded, but I can listen to them on my windows computer, iPad, and windows phone with no problems. I was just confused when I couldn't find them through the search bar. Do you think this is some weird glitch? I really hoope they don't lose their availability. Thanks for the help Peter




P.S. you guys need any windows phone developers? Your WP Spotify app kinda crashes a lot...


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