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Upload local playlists

Upload local playlists

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trying to get local music & playlists on my phone

i can get local music (but not playlists) from shared drive on my windows desktop spotify app

i cannot get playlists uploaded to spotify - how to do that?

i don't see my local music (that i see on the pc's spotify app) on the android app (on my phone)- how do i see that?


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Before you can listen to your local audio files you have to make sure you have enabled "Show Local Files" in the settings.


Make sure your local audio files reside in one of the directories specified in the app or you'll have to add it manually (the music or downloads folder should be default on Windows). Afterwards you should be able to see the songs in the sidebar "Your Library > Local Files". By dragging from there you can just create playlists like normally using your local music files.


To listen to your local music files on your mobile device you have to take an extra step by downloading any local playlists you want to listen to like in the screenshot below. (Notice how the songs are grayed out before you download the playlist)

After downloading the songs (by checking the highlighted slider in the screenshot) you will see a green arrow next to the song which indicates that the song has been downloaded to the mobile device.

You can now listen to your local files anywhere you want. Hope it helps!


I did figure that out after I posted. That is, my local content is NOT
uploaded to spotify. The process requires connectivity between the devices
(via same (wifi) network) and copies the content to my mobile device.
This is not the feature i had hoped for.
But thanks for responding.

Hey @iwjgpli8-_ln,


Glad to hear @Jesper6's steps clarified the process for using local files on your mobile.


Just thought I'd redirect you to this idea in the Idea Exchange which might be relevant.


If you'd like to see this implemented, feel free to add your vote to the above idea.


Any questions, let us know - we'll be right here.

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