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Volume too low

Volume too low

I have my spotify and windows volume at 100 and its super low, to the point where the music is not enjoyable. I bellieve its not fixable because its Spotify's normalazation but its just way too low. Its only pushing my headphones to 40% volume. Its just boring. Is there any fix?

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Hey @mattdeezly, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


To start, can you let us know what device, operating system, and version of Spotify you're using?


Also, have you tried to reinstall? Just follow these steps


Let us know how it goes.

I've heard reports of Spotify recently lowering its target payback volume for its normalization feature. In short, this is a good thing in terms of audio fidelity, but in the case of users who rely on the audio signal to be "hot" (loud) in order to compensate for low-powered equipment, situations like this will happen.

same for me, I have a new S8, every other ap if fine, but spotify is about 50% lower than it should be on max volume, I've come from iphone and it was double the volume

here the same problem on my bluetooth Teufel Speaker !!


Spotify if you do nothing you loose a customer !





The problem is Spotify moving towards the trend of less options. So ultimately everyone has be locked to the same playback normalization volume. If you set the normalization volume too high, higher dynamic material (music that needs to be turned up to get to the normalization volume) can sound awful, especially on high-fidelity equipment, and anyone closely resembling an audiophile is perturbed. If you set the normalization volume too low, then iPhone users on their 30-milliwatt speakers get perturbed that the music isn't loud enough.


I would implement simple normaliations options, but it doesn't appear that will happen given the trend, and with that being the case, my vote would be for more dynamics and a lower playback volume. If you want more power, get more powerful equipment and don't rely on a hot signal as a shortcut for more power. Alternatively, you can find non-Spotify players that let you set the normalization volume, typically referred to as "ReplayGain", to your heart's content.

And now that I'm locked to the "open" player instead of "play" as of today, it sounds like with this interface they're using the 'louder is 'better' normalization mentality and have some sort of slow-release compression scheme going on to compensate. My player is set to ~3% volume and it sounds awful.

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