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Weird connection issues

Weird connection issues




The Netherlands (registered) / Mexico (currently using)


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro


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In the last few days my Spotify keeps saying my pc is offline. I can't get it to play any song anymore.

While my android phone is on the same wifi network and does play.

Just now it got even weirder, I first logged out and tried to log back in via Facebook (my method of registration for this account) and it said something about not able to and checking firewall. So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it (this is the windows store version) and managed to log in again.

On log in (which shouldn't be possible without a connection) I get presented with this screen (also in the attachments): 



Note how it knows I'm playing music on my phone, knows there are devices available (little dot) but then says offline everywhere else. It has been up to date on the exact time of the song and switches to new songs as well. 


I am confused by all of this and like some support, but figure it makes sense to check if the community has seen this before.

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Hi there @ParaGraphiCL,

thanks for reaching out !


There's an ongoing similar issue thread you can find here.

Make sure to add your +VOTE and subscribe to get updated.


As the nature of issues here are similar, i would recommend following the official steps provided.


Hope this helps.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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