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What does it mean to 'follow' an artist? 2017

What does it mean to 'follow' an artist? 2017

Question revisited for 2017 to get current status:


What exactly does it mean to 'follow' an artist?  I understand that if I go to My Music > Artists they will show up in a list there.  Will I get updates somewhere for artists that I follow?

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Hey @Cyberluke


As much as I have understood (I only follow 2 artists), Spotify will send you a reminder or a notification when your followed artist has new content available on the service.
For me Spotify sends these notifications on mail.
Their new releases also appear in the Release Radar. I'm not sure how it works when you're following many artists and 31 of them release new material.., but it's a weekly changing playlist anyway. 🙂


Let me know if you're having more questions 🙂

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Ok, so you follow two artists and you get notification only by e-mail. Not on phone or desktop app. There is only some radar thing and you can clarify that your 2 e-mails are working in 2017.


Why the heck there is nobody from Spotify? Why they do not have some video or article about Spotify features like this? I'm artist, working hard daily on my future career and these information are crucial for my management decision, where to invest in marketing, etc. Spotify does not support artists, Beatport & Facebook are better in this.


I have also my own label nowadays and Spotify does not support me either. I can have only artist account. I would have to be the big three label owning 90% of music in order to communicate with Spotify about supporting my music in their playlists.

You will get a popup on spotify mobile ( kind of like this one, i wasnt able to find a photo of it ) that says artist released a new single or an album.

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