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When i open Spotify my ping goes skyhigh

When i open Spotify my ping goes skyhigh

A couple of days ago i've noticed that when i open Spotify's app my ping goest from 24ms to 6000 for less then a minute, then it goes back to normal. I've already tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but witohut fixing it. I've also disabled the hardware acceleration and removed and readded spotify from the firewall's exceptions. How can i fix this issue?

Edit1: Using it in offline mode gives me no problem, nor any other applications that use internet
Edit2: Starting Spotify in offline mode and switching to one of my playlists doesn't give me any spikes, so i assume there's something wrong in the Browse section

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Still a problem on Windows 11 with latest Spotify version installed from the Microsoft Store. Ping way over 1000 msec, while normally at 6 msec. Having Spotify just opened causes the bug.


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