Why can't I share a song with a friend within Spotify?


Why can't I share a song with a friend within Spotify?

Casual Listener

I do enjoy using Spotify except for one thing…


In the good old days, one would hear a song and tell a friend about it. That person liked it too and told someone else, who told someone else…


Now, you'd think a music streaming platform would be the perfect place to share songs from one user to another. Example… You discover a new Bon Iver song and you know just the person who'd like it. So you click on the 'share' button, find the fellow user's name and share the song.  Rather like we did in the good old days (and even today) when you'd tell a mate in the pub about a great song or you played it to him when he came round.  That's how music gets around.


So, I'm on Spotify and find said Bon Iver song and think, Sid would love this – I'll share it. So I go to the three little dots and click on share. And what do I see? A list of every social network in the world plus three link-based option and nothing about sharing directly within Spotify.


Why would I want to share a Spotify song with a friend on Facebook or Twitter who's going to have to open a different app to see the post and then click on it, only to be sent back to Spotify?


Am I missing something? Did I miss the email?


Surely there should be a way to share a song directly to a friend WITHIN Spotify. I can see my friends in the 'Friends Activity' column on the right so why on Earth can't I just click on a mate's name and he receives a link in Spotify? He plays it, he likes, he puts it into his playlist. And then tells one of his mates about the song.


We discussed this the other evening around the table and a mate came up with the most feasible explanation…  Spotify can easily do it but they don't want us plebs sharing songs between each other because THEY want to be the ones in charge. THEY want to tell us what to listen to. Trouble is, I don't trust some 'bot' or a bloke with bad taste teling me what I'd like. I want my best mate to, the one with great taste.


Well I'm sorry Spotify, but you're missing a trick. Please include some way to share songs with personal friends without having to post the song on Faceplant, Twatter, InstaSpam and Grumblr.