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Why is the search function disabled for old Spotify versions since a few weeks?

Why is the search function disabled for old Spotify versions since a few weeks?



I'm using an old version of Spotify because I don't like the "newer" look. Until a few weeks everything was working fine, but now the search function only works for local songs and songs in subscribed playlists. I`ve tested different accounts and different PCs with no success.

If things like the radio or something like that would stop working i would understand it, but the radio is still working and a simple thing like the search function stops working.

Is there is a reasonable explanation for this? Or maybe a fix?


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Hey @03040


The reason why some functions stop working on old versions is simple - Spotify has changed something in the searching system and the old client no longer works because it lacks support for the changes. The same way it's rather impossible to set existing playlists public or private in the old client - it doesn't work anymore.


Spotify doesn't want to support old clients - not only are the looks changing, but there are system and security improvements, better support and so on. It would be tedious to bring these changes into every version of the client. Possibly rather useless too because most will use the latest version.


I don't think there's a fix for this. I don't know what version you're using. I used to love 0.9.15 for a lot of reasons (keyboard shortcuts!), but it's literally years behind from the current version. Not only by features, but the security and functionality as well!

Hope that answers your question 🙂

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