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Why won't my music play on the desktop?

Why won't my music play on the desktop?

My music will play on my phone, etc but when I get to work to listen to it, it won't play any music.... but will play podcasts or books, etc. just not the music. I have logged out of everything, I have restarted the computer, my computer sound works, just not working on the music for Spotify.
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Hey there @fbombmom


Thanks for getting in touch about this here in the Community.


If you can't listen to your songs that are not in a playlist or in Liked songs, it's possible that you're experiencing this Ongoing issue. If so, you can click on the Thumbs up icon there and make sure to try the steps that you can find in the Status update and if the issue persists, add your info to the comments.  

If the issue you're experiencing is different, could you send us as much info as possible? We'll be happy to help.



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