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Windows 10 - Desktop App & Web Player doesn't play Music

Windows 10 - Desktop App & Web Player doesn't play Music






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Recently all the Albums I created & songs that I've saved disappeared, I can only see the Local Songs that I have but everything else is completely gone and whenever I try to play a song from the Home or Browse tab it just won't show up any type of art and also won't allow me to play it. I've tried to fix it by reinstalling, logging out, clearing my browser cache, literally everything. Even chatted with support and we couldn't get to a fix. It's only happening to me through my Desktop App from the Windows Store and also the Web Player, my phone works beautifully with Spotify and can calmly listen to songs through there.


Has someone else experienced the same thing and fixed it?

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 Hey @Rayler and welcome to the community!


I'd recommend trying it on a different browser. And for the desktop app this issue is reported by some other users as well, this seems to be an issue specific to desktop client. There is a solution suggested by another user here. Can you give it a try and let me know if it works? The desktop is a little buggy at the moment but the it being looked on as you can see here and here, please be patient. Thanks in advance 🙂

I've tried doing the steps but when I get to the 'Hosts' file there's no entry for Spotify. Can't do any changes since the step I need to follow isn't there.

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