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Windows 10 Installation Errors Cause by Microsoft App Store (Solution)

Windows 10 Installation Errors Cause by Microsoft App Store (Solution)






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This post is a concern I have with a solution to Windows installation problems and a question for the devs.


So, I recently installed Spotify through the website download and it was working without any problems until an update came out. I was getting several install errors  (18 and 4 primarily) so I went to delete everything and reinstall. But, the Spotify.exe file found in AppData/Roaming/Spotify couldnt be deleted because it was being ran by the system.


I eventually figured out that the Microsoft App Store for Windows 10 was running the Spotify.exe in the background in a really roundabout way. *Note I just bought this laptop and haven't opened the store once and I didn't install Spotify through the app store*


The only easy way to fix the installation errors is by installing it through the Microsoft App Store for Windows 10. I would rather not give Microsoft access because I don't want to give Microsoft any of my data. I could be mistaken but, it looks like the Microsoft App Store is taking the Spotify cache and cookies data then sending it to Microsoft.


My question for the devs or the relevant person: Is Microsoft intentionally/unintentionally causing problems with .exe installations so that people like myself will install it through Microsoft so they can take our data. Or, more likely than my crazy conspiracy, is it just a problem with the .exe installers interaction with the Microsoft App Store version of Spotify?


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The same thing happened to me, I'm getting installment error if I try to install Spotify from their website. And that started after I installed the Microsoft store version. I had sound issues they got fixed tho.

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