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Windows 10, Spotify freezes PC randomly after Creators Update


Windows 10, Spotify freezes PC randomly after Creators Update

After I updated to the latest version of Windows 10, namely the creators update, the spotify desktop app completely freezes my PC while playing music (seemigly at random). It makes weird static noises and then everything freezes and I have to hit the reset button. I tried the following:

  • disabling Hardware acceleration
  • reinstalling the Spotify app
  • Reinstalling/updating the video-card ( AMD if that matters)
  • Reinstalling/updating the audio-driver

I tried checking the Event log, but except the messages for me restarting the computer, nothing shows up. For now I'm using the web player, but I'd rather use the app. Can anyone help?




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My Spotify program would freeze my computer after I opened the program. About 10s after opening the program, it would freeze my computer as it tried to load the Browse page.


I have however found a solution to my problem, which is using the app and not program. This is what occurred as I tried to find a solution to my  problem:

  • I installed the Spotify app from the Windows Store.
  • I then opened the app after installation and saw that the app started to transfer data from the Spotify program to the app.
  • Once the app finished transferring data, it opened the app itself and started to load the Browse page. The page loaded in a few seconds but I still waited about a minute to see if my computer would freeze, which it did not.
  • I then proceeded opened up different pages in the app and then eventually started playing music just to make sure my computer would not freeze whilst using the app. My computer, thankfully, did not freeze or slow down at any point whilst I "experimented" with the app.
  • After that I proceeded to Programs and Features in the Control Panel to see if the Spotify program was still installed and saw that it was removed (most likely it was removed by the app after the data transfer).


After that was done I had no problems again. Spotify is working as it should without freezing my computer and so far I have found that the app works a lil faster than the program did

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This new Windows Creators Update fully solved for me. I updated day 11/01/2017 and until now no more problems.

It's called W10 Fall Creators Update. It's the version 1709.

Just update it normaly using Windows Update. Give a try.

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The Fall Update actually fixed it. Or Spotify fixed the app and decided not to tell anyone. Either way: darn! it finally works!!

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I have the same problem since the Creator Update.

Each time the PC starts, Spotify starts automatically and after a few minutes or sometimes seconds the PC freezes.


I blocked the automatical start of the Spotify application for now.



Well I have disabled autostart on most applications anyway, so that doesnt really do the trick for me. I'd still like to be able to use the app tho, which I really cant right now. Pretty disappointing tbh.



I also have problems with the app in W10 after the creator update. The program hangs after start. Webplayer works OK. Reinstalling the app did not solve the problem.

I removed all Spotify folders from my hard drive (most are in the AppData Local and Roaming folders) and also removed the shortcut in the start menu. I then reinstalled the App and now it works again.

I am experiencing this issue as well, this sucks that they aren't fixing this issue, this affects my pc memory in terms of its integrity. I hope they will fix this matter soon. for the mean time I will use their webplayer and mobile app.

I had the same problem after updating to Windows Creators Update. The solution was to set "Run this program as Administrator". Not the way I want to run it!!!

I never use an admin account for my daily work.I have a designated administrator user account - for security. However, SPOTIFY is not able to cope with this, after updating to Windows CU. Running Spotify without admin rights made the computer fan go bananas and blocking the pc. Apparently, some spotify processes took the cpu resources.

same here, i disabled cloud based protection in windows defender but no effects either, please somebody update spotify as soon as possible.

Same problem here. Started in safe mode. Tested Spotify app for compatibility during which the screen has frozen again! 


I've already posted about this - my app used to take 18+ minutes to load. Now since the latest Win10 update it freezes my pc. Deezer have just given me 3 months premium for 99p, and their app works perfectly, and (just as importantly) is also compatible with my Sonos system. When my 3 month trial ends, I'll make my choice between the two. That's how long Spotify have to sort this.

Like you, my spotify app has always taken an eternity to open and then while in use, has slowed down all other applications I'm using. Today I've deleted Spotify app & signed in via google and the big difference is that my computer hasn't slowed down (or frozen). I'm a premium user so for now I'll continue using via google but will keep in mind your suggestion of Deezer. Thank you. 🙂 

it does indeed takes ages before i can use spotify. no problems with Groove


Exact same problem here. I haven't had any problems with my PC at all before I installed the spotify app. It's definitely what's causing my computer to freeze up and become completely unresponsive about 1 out of 3 times it starts up. I have to use the reset button to restart the computer in that case. For now I've taken it out of autostart and am using the web player, but I would prefer to use the PC app. Please fix. 



I experience the same problem since I updates my windows 10 with the creators update. Spotify freezes my laptop completely so I cant even move my mouse anymore. Sometimes it happens while starting Spotify, sometimes later while playing music. It never happens when Spotify is closed, so it is definetely a Spotify-problem. A few minutes ago I installed the latest update and it it still happening. I already clean-installed Spotiy many times and also checked my drivers more then one time. I cant believe, that I am paying for a program that is actually dangerous for my laptop... Spotify should FIX THIS REALLY FAST, because the creators update is still rolling out, so this problem will appear more and more. Fix this before you loose your subscribers!!!

I've just about had enough of Spotify or Microsoft. I'm going to quit Spotify before it kills my computer. I've had to force shut down my computer almost every other day for the last few weeks.

I've given up too - using it via my iPad but no matter how many times I reinstall it on my PC (as advised by Spotify) it totally freezes my computer!

Same problem here. I'll stop using Spotify because of this.. Unfortunately it harms my computer and it's not worth it. Such a shame, I love Spotify

Is that solution still working for you? I did the same, three times, but my computer freezes the next time I log in....

I did not only uninstall the spotify desktop client, but also removed all spotify related folders from my hard drive (most in the local and roaming app data folders), which seems essential. Then I reinstalled spotify. Now everything works again for weeks.

This is a good idea, but it doesn't work for me and for the most other people with the Creators Update problem neither...

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