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Xbox Spotify App Stereo / 5.1 toggle

Xbox Spotify App Stereo / 5.1 toggle

Recently Spotify on my Xbox has stopped playing 5.1 surround audio. I've got an optical cable out of the console to my surround receiver. Before, Spotify would output 5.1. Now it only plays out of the front speakers.


I've played with every setting, but can't get it back to playing 5.1 sound other than switching to prologic on the receiver.


I understand some prefer stereo output but personally I love 5.1.


Can you make an option within the app so the user can choose stereo or 5.1 upmix?



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Hello there @chada398,


Thanks for the post. 


Currently, the app is set to output audio in Stereo, so if you'd like to up-mix the audio to 5.1 or even 7.1, you'll have to configure this in the AVR for the time being.


Rest assured though that our internal teams are working together with Microsoft on implementing an option to up-mix audio in the future. We'll post an update on our For the Record blog when we have any new info to share about this.


Hope this clears things up. Cheers!

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Hi Yordan,


Have you and your team made any progress on this?

Also waiting on a response on this! I don’t have the same issue with the PS5 

It used to be 5.1 output from Spotify by default but it was changed to stereo. If you can bring the 5.1 back as an option that would be great



I would love a surround sound output option from the Spotify app on XBOX

Any update on this? Its been over a year since issues have been brought up and I'm still experiencing the same issue as OP

Any update on this? I would like to have Spotify Music 5.1 on Xbox, please

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