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cannot sync albums directly from desktop app to android

cannot sync albums directly from desktop app to android



I don't know if this issue is somewhere else on the forum, I couldn't find it.

In my previous version of Spotify I could easily sync the albums directly from my album list in the desktop app to my android phone: I just needed to tick the albums I wanted to sync and the process started. But now, in the new version, this isn't possible anymore: I can only sync the playlists that way, not the albums. Of course I can still sync the albums in the android app itself, but it is much more convenient if I could do it from the desktop application to android. What I'm doing wrong or is this possibility simply removed since the latest upgrade??





2 Replies

It has never been possible to offline albums inside your music to your mobile devices from the desktop app as far as I am aware. It has only ever dealt with playlists.

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no, it certainly has been possible, but I don't know in which version

so now it is simply impossible?

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