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cant play songs on pc app

cant play songs on pc app

I cannot play songs on pc app but when I open spotify in browser I can play and listen songs. How can I fix this.
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I'm having the same issue. Spotify has been unusable the last 2 days on PC

Same for me - almost none of the songs play on the PC app - pressing on songs simply does nothing. Sometimes some of them work in my playlists, but then they don't again.

Same, thought was going crazy with this. It's also super random with what plays and what doesn't. Hope they fix this soon.

Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out.

As a first step, can you please check if the behavior you're seeing fits the description in this Ongoing Issue thread? If yes, please share the details requested and subscribe to receive updates about the status of the issue.


If not, try a clean reinstall of the app as described here and let us know your OS version and Spotify version.

Looking forward to your replies.

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Still having this issue after trying all the solutions in the other "Ongoing issue" thread. I can only play songs that are favorited on my PC. 

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