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(detailed issue) Certain songs can't play in spotify

(detailed issue) Certain songs can't play in spotify






(Huawei mate 10 pro)

Operating System

Windows 10


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 As title says. For example, if I go into any artist literally (No examples needed, literally any artist at all) and pick a song, sometimes it's able to play, and sometimes its literally unplayable. I can double click on it but the album cover, title or artist dont appear in the corner and the song doesnt play. We can take an example, if song 1 from an artist doesnt play from the computer I can add it on the phone to a playlist, and play it from there and it can sync to the computer. But if I go onto the playlist on the computer song 1 doesn't appear in the playlist. So on the phone it'll say that there's one song in the playlist, but on the computer 0. I re-installed the computer, made a new account, even bought a new computer. Disabled the firewall, looked at proxies, nothing works. ALONG WITH THAT,
Web player doesn't work. If I click on a playlist link someone shares it'll just say "website can't be reached". (rough translation, swedish browser)
please help! I can't stand this.

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