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downloading the app onto my dell computer.

downloading the app onto my dell computer.

I keep getting an error message stating spotify is running but I don't know where as I have closed it on my laptop.  Any suggestions?

2 Replies

Hey @BobFaust


Could you try the following:

Restart your machine (to kill the 'running process').

Uninstall Spotify through Control Panel (I assume you're on Windows).

Open your file browser and go to %appdata%. Make sure you have no Spotify left in there, and if you have, delete them (shift + del will do it permanently, skipping the recycle bin).

Restart again (might be needed for the system to refresh).

Install Spotify.


Any running instances of Spotify should be visible in Task Manager. Resource Monitor has a little more detailed overlook for cpu-related stuff including processes.


Please thry that, and let me know what happens 🙂

I actually rebooted my laptop and then was able to reinstall the app.  Everything has been working fine since then.

Thanks for the help

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