filtered playback of liked songs not working properly


filtered playback of liked songs not working properly

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Normally when you enter like a certain word or artist name into the filter on the liked songs page, and then click a song from the results, after that song finishes, it'll play one of the other results.


i.e. if I search for "love", then select "if you had my love" by jennifer lopez, after that finishes playing, it will play another song from the results with the word "love" either part of the artist's name, or the song title. for example, it can either be "starlight" by the artist The Supermen Lovers, or "do for love" by 2Pac.


Currently however, this isn't working. I filtered my liked songs for "infected mushroom" and clicked a song from the results, then after the song ended however, not another infected mushroom song, but one from another artist, one that had nothing to do with either "infected" or "mushroom".


Guys, come on. First there was the (still unresolved) bug where clicking the album art doesn't bring you to the song's position in the playlist anymore, instead landing you somewhere random, and now this. Can we get some bug fixes up in here?

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quick update:

I restarted my spotify, and now it's only half-broken; it doesn't work if shuffle is on, but works if you have shuffle off. then it will play the next result.

it used to be though, that if you had shuffle on, it'd play a random song from the filtered results... was this change intentional? (if so, what are you guys smoking over there?) or is this a bug?


Hey there @nuncupative,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


This sounds similar to the Ongoing Issue that @AeroZ shared above. If it's indeed the same issue you're experiencing, we'd suggest adding your +VOTE and details there so we can pass them along. Rest assured that our tech teams are looking into this.


We'd also recommend keeping an eye out in that thread to stay up to speed with any updates we have to pass on.


Hope this helps clarify things! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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