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many selections do not play up to 20% on some albums

many selections do not play up to 20% on some albums

I have encountered more than a few albums where many selections will not play.

Have erased playlist and started over-- make no difference, am current on updates

and i allow plenty of memory (cache).   PS  Dont tell me to reinstall anymore!!

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Got a link to any albums you are having issues with? Do you have those tracks as local files stored on your computer? 

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Thanks for answering,  Actually after trying for a week on 3 computers i gave up on about 50 selections

in about 7 albums and deleted them, some were common classical selections found elsewhere.

Some albums with about 20 selections had 5-7 unplayables. None were stored on any computer.

Everthing seems fine now but it was not for a whole week before i complained,  thank you.

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