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mass delete playlist, reset account , anything...

mass delete playlist, reset account , anything...







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Windows 10


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I had an issue with software related to a new mouse and keyboard. While I was away from my PC, a bug caused my mouse and keyboard to start creating playlists. I now have more than 7500 Playlists with no songs in. 


It takes ages to delete this. Is there any way at all to mass delete (I see the last topic on this here was in 2012)? Alternatively, is it possible to reset the account without closing it first. I have a family subscription so would prefer to avoid issues on the accounts of my family.

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Hi Azarya,


Spotify doesn't natively have an option to mass delete playlists.  Although...


I'm actually working on an open source Windows program to do just that using the public Spotify APIs.


It works like a standard Windows program where you can highlight multiple rows on the left side (the playlists) and hit your delete key, and confirm. 




Now, Spotify technically doesn't let you "delete" playlists.  You "unfollow" them.  The reason is because you can share the playlist with others.  Truly deleting it would remove it from the other users as well.  Unfollowing the playlists will remove them from your list.


Anyway, I'm close to being finished with the mass delete (unfollow) functionality and I'll reach out to you in a few days when it's done if you're interested.




P.S. I'm not affiliated with Spotify in any way.  I'm just a developer who wanted some shortcuts to playlist management myself.


Ok, if you're interested in the project, it's located here:

Thank you, I'll check it out!

No problem.  It should be pretty straight forward but if you have any issues with it send me a message and I’ll help.

Tried it out also:) Super helpful!!!   Thank you very much for your work  😉 

Such a great feature. Thanks!

This was perfect. Just removed over 300 playlists from the company profile!  Thank you!

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community and for sharing your workaround for this.


We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall and we’re constantly aiming to improve our features. 


You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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Thx, that's very helpful for me.

You are a certified hackerman for this, thank you 

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