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move multiple playlists in a folder

move multiple playlists in a folder

I recently found out the folder method for organization of playlists. How can I select multiple playlists of mine and then drag and drop in their respective folders? Currently I have to drag and drop one by one.

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Hey there!
Currently there's no way to drag multiple Playlists at once.

But you might want to add your kudos to an idea about it here:
[Desktop] Select and organize multiple playlists

Checkboxes would make a ton of sense, I'm trying to organize my playlists right now and it's insanely time consuming.

I have nothing to add other than Id like to  agree.... It would be so much easier to be able to select multple playlists and move . Maybe it will come

Is it really the year of our lord 2023 and we still can't select multiple playlists at once for organizational purposes? This hurts me in the depths of my soul. Please tell me someone's actually implemented/figured out how to do this and I can just feel shame about my lack of google fu instead of frustration that I have to drag and drop over a hundred playlists individually. I'm begging here.

Seriously it's ridiculous. There should be a whole "manage playlists" view. 

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