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open.spotify refused to connect and radio doesn't work

open.spotify refused to connect and radio doesn't work


I'm on Windows 10 Desktop.


I cannot connect to in Chrome and Firefox (and Internet Explorer) and cannot use the radio in the desktop program (it says This radio station cannot be started) and cannot use the Friend Activity feature.


I have no links in my hosts file, have flushed my DNS using the command prompt, and have no firewall or VPNs.


The thing is, I can connect to on Ubuntu (dual boot) using Chrome and Firefox meaning that it is a Windows-specific problem.

3 Replies

Hey @18sp01


Do you have any antivirus software on your Windows installation? Some of these may interfere with Spotify traffic.


Let me know 🙂

Nope. 😞

I'm running a dual boot with ArchLinux and Win 10 also, similar problems. The Windows 10 desktop is super bricked as well. So weird. The media playback overlay keeps turning itself back on each time the app is opened. And the advert in the top right corner seems to overlay the entire application window after a few minutes, with the only way to access the app underneath to close and re-open. This is actually unusable. If I figure out how to fix it I will post it here.


Running a desktop or browser plugin VPN provides access to the Spotify webplayer, but it's not ideal.


Dell Inspiron, Core i7, Australia.

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