playlist hide and que reversed

playlist hide and que reversed



Found few mysterious things about spotify behaviour. While surfing people I'm following and try to find and pick some playlist, some lists don't show up. These can be lists I follow already, or user X updated Y-list in Activity bar. Of course the last activity show User X actions in it's place but the playlist is missing from User X playlists. After pointless clicking - tadaa! the missing playlists appear. Funny thing also, that starred tracks are usually one of the lists missing.


And ques..


Playing list A... then choose to play something else and pick tracks to que. They appears in yellow as always. After listening enough -> log out. Next time at log in, the yellow tracks queued last time are fine (if left), but the playlist what played first are the tracks listened last time before queuing and reversed! (last track first, first trak last). There should be tracks i've not played, left in playlist A.


Windows Vista, spotify

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