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"We can't play this until you allow this track in the Spotify phone app" issue.


"We can't play this until you allow this track in the Spotify phone app" issue.






Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming

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So, I click play on the song, it doesn't play and that message shows up at the top in a blue box. Before, the song was greyed out. Now I get this message. It isn't greyed out now.

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I cant play most songs from a  specific artist “Tame Imapala” on my MacBook osx 10.13.6,  I keep getting "We can't play this until you allow this track in the Spotify phone app" issue. ( See screenshot 1 of my mac showing ‘blue' error message at top of Mac screen, ) This appears to be the only artist that's affected on my Spotify library.

Unfortunately the suggested fix for this  (Going to artist page on my iphone (SE - iOS 13.6.1) , clicking on the three dots and clicking on “Allow to play this artist" ) doesn't work for me, because the "Allow" option doesn't show unless I click it on and off.

I have tried clicking the 'stop sign” (to allow or disallow the artist) on and off, un following and following the artist  and deleting and re-installing the iPhone Spotify app, with no success. 
I've never wanted to stop myself from listening to "Tame Impala” tho I may have switched off the artist accidently at some time ( while trying to follow or share the artist). 
At the moment I am permitting the artist to be played on my iphone (as screenshot 3 shows).
Ive set up my iPhone and macs suggested by the moderator  on
I cant understand how:
1. I can play the tracks on my phone by switching them on (or off)  on my Mac. ( If I switch on "connect to a device” to Listen on my phone”) but if I try and ("Listen On This Computer”)  and try to play them on my Mac the play option at bottom of Spotify screen are greyed out. And I cant play any Tame Impala tracks. ( I can play non -Tame Impala tracks)
2. If I try and play Tame Impala on my iphone ( after disconnecting from the mac via the software ) the iPhone wont play the selected track but will play the mark Ronson collaberation with Tame impala  tracks with  eg  a blood orange remix.
3. If I disconnect from Tame Impala again by playing another unconnected artist on my Iphone and  the switch back to TI then I can play these TI as normal on my iPhone. If then try and reconnect to my Mac, from my iPhone , I either cannot play these same tracks from my phone on my Mac, or the iphone will only the Mark Ronson/TI track. 
My situation looks like its a Spotify software problem, and that switching the "artist off” feature accidently on an iphone then becomes irreversible switch off of that artist on a mac that has been connected at one time to the iphone.   
If anyone has any other suggestions they would appreciated.
SS1 (Mac)
SS2 (iPhone)
SS3 (iPhone)
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 19.35.05 copy.png
Iphone SS2.png
Iphone SS3.png

Hey @jomo3


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


We'd first recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app on both devices. This is different than simply reinstalling and helps clearing any cache that might be causing issues.


If possible, could you log into your account using a different device and let us know if the issue persists? This will help us take a better look.


Keep us posted. We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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The clean reinstall of the  mac app worked,


(I'd already clean reinstalled the ios app yesterday)

thank you.

Hey @jomo3,


Thanks for keeping us posted.


We're glad to know that the clean reinstall worked and we hope it continues to work smoothly.


If you have any questions or need a hand with anything else, remember that we're just a post away.


Cheers. Take care 🙂

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Good day. 

I have tried this already but the problem still keeps happening and wont allow my to listen to my favorite songs


follow the artist. and try to play. unfollow and follow

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