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"see all" option not showing up for searches

"see all" option not showing up for searches







HP Pavilion

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Windows 10


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On both desktop and the web player when I use the search feature the "see all" options don't appear anymore so I can't click on a single topic (artist, songs, playlists, etc) and so can only see the first five options in any of the topics. You can see in the screenshots that I SHOULD be able to click on songs or playlists to see what matches my search term in that category but the option is entirely missing, thus rendering the search pretty much unusable. I've tried to fix this by restarting, reinstalling, and doing a fully clean reinstall and nothing has fixed it.

Screenshot (2).png
Screenshot (1).png
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Hey @PeraMia,


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Could you try clicking directly on the white text, the title of the category? On the screenshot that would be "Songs" or "Artists". This should bring you to a full list of the search results.


Did it work?


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No, clicking the white text does nothing because it's not actually a link, it's just text.

I decided to try another clean reinstall and this time tabs appeared at the top of the search page with the missing categories. I don't know why the new update has search tabs instead of the "see all" that is still in every OTHER part of the app/site nor why they didn't show up until the second clean reinstall but at least I can search now. I just really wish the devs wouldn't make random changes to only part of the app without warning.


When searching for songs on the Spotify-Windows-Desktop-Client the "Songs" title is slightly cut-off and the "Show all" button is therefore not visible.


EDIT: This is basically a duplicate of: This issue , but the issue is still in the client and the accepted solution did not work for me and should also not be considered a "solution", since the client is still bugged.

EDIT: This is actually a problem visible throughout the entire Client. Headings are always slightly cut-off.

Hi folks,

Thank you for your feedback on this.


The "See all" button has been removed and now instead, you can click on one of the buttons right under the search bar: "All/ Songs/ Artists/ Playlists/ Albums etc. This will bring up a list of all the content in that category, just how "See all" used to work.




Hope the screenshots illustrate this well enough.


Cheers 🙂



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thanks - they still shouldn't have removed the see all link.  Kinda silly, no?  Weird how companies like this who spend millions on UI testing and design, get such simple things wrong that literally any non-engineer non-UI person could tell them was a dumb idea

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