spotify can't play this right now ((Solved, look at the bottom for the solution.))


spotify can't play this right now ((Solved, look at the bottom for the solution.))

Casual Listener

Plan: Premium

Country: Belgium

Device: Desktop

Operating System: Windows 10

My Question or Issue

Yesterday, I was able to play music just fine. Today, I try to play it and I get this error message. I tried all the suggestions I could find and none of them seem to work. Uninstalling, reinstalling, cleaning the cache, rebooting the computer after removal, rebooting after install, every option that's out there, I tried.


I've been paying for a premium experience since November 2018. People have been complaining and reporting about this and there still  isn't a solution?! There's no point in attaching screenshots or the like, since the problem is well known.


I tested it on my smartphone and I can play the songs there, just fine. I tested to see if there would be sound problems, but a random music video on YouTube works as it should. I've not done anything out of the ordinary, when I shut down my computer yesterday, so I can't imagine it's something on my side.


Please tell me they're working on a solution! Because I listen to music on my computer ninety percent of the time, if I can't listen to music via Spotify, then I'm paying for nothing!



A little after I posted this, I noticed that there was an update for Spotify. I installed the update and then rebooted my computer. But now, Spotify has a huge resolution. It's like it's showing 800×600 or something. It's only the app and nothing else. Before the update, it was fine, and it only happened after the update was installed.


Update 2:

Okay, so I've kind of fixed it, and not. The version of Spotify that I was using, was from the website. Not from the Microsoft store. A friend suggested I try the Microsoft version, but I was reluctant, because both versions should be identical right?


Well, NO! I've downloaded and installed the Microsoft version and with that version, I can play my songs just fine. However, just before I did it, I tried the first version first. From the Spotify website, I mean. That still didn't work.


**bleep**, I'm pretty sure that even now, the version from the website STILL wouldn't work! But the version from the Microsoft store, DOES! Which is really, weird.



Try the version from the microsoft store, if you have this problem.