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spotify sorting stuck on album order

spotify sorting stuck on album order







Operating System

Windows 10

Spotify version (latest version as of now, 9/16/20)


My Question or Issue

tried to fix my issue of local file songs not playing in order (some would play but then skip over an entire batch from this one artist who wasn't on spotify) by moving everything to a new playlist, which now plays those files BUT the ordering is messed up. whenever i toggle the recently added, it's sorted by album and i've uninstalled, reinstalled three times now. if i don't put it as recently added, the playlist order will be the exact same way as the original (with my current recently added songs at the top), which is great...until i add more songs to it. no clue why spotify doesn't automatically (or at least give you the option to) add new songs to the top but that's why i can't just leave it as is. i've tried copying it all over with ctrl+a, shift click, ctrl click, manually moving it over to a new playlist, etc. none of those fix the album issue.


note: i've attached screenshots to hopefully make it easier to understand

2nd note: all of my local files are mpeg and should be playable on spotify

fuck spotify2.png
fuck spotify.png
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Hi, I'm having this exact SAME problem. I always like listening to my playlists sorted by "Recently Added". I have recently created a new Spotify account and transferred my playlists over. However, it sorts the songs by Album name as well if I sort it by "Recently Added". I'm not sure if this is a glitch on Spotify's end or a new feature they added. It's driving me nuts. If the album starts with a number then that shows first and then albums starting with the letter A and so on.

i haven't heard other people who have the same latest update having this problem, so i think it's a glitch for us, but yeah it's really friggin annoying. hoping (praying) someone who had this and was able to fix it finds this 😕 

I think I know why it sorts by Album order. It does that when you drag and drop a whole playlist. If you manually add a song to playlist it will not sort by the Album order. 

but that's just as annoying since i have about 600 songs in my playlist :// spotify shouldn't be having these dumb glitches in the first place but i can only wait til the next update comes out and hope that fixes it

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