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Why is my Spotify skipping?


Most Recommended Fix:


Uninstalling and reinstalling the application generally fixes most issues with skipping, followed by turning your device off and on. 


Here are some of the fixes you can try on different devices based on solutions verified by other Spotify Community users and moderators:



@Loxer recommended these steps for an iPhone user: 


  1. Uninstall and reinstall the most current version of Spotify
  2. Sign Out Everywhere and Remove Offline devices from your Spotify account page 

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Apple Watch


@OscarDC recommended clearing the cache and reinstalling the app on both the Apple Watch and iPhone which solved an issue for playlists that were skipping during playback from Apple Watch


Follow steps from this support article for reinstalling on your iPhone. 


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Desktop Windows


Solution 1: Test Other Playback Devices

@Rorey suggests to change the playback devices:

Check if there are other devices available to test other playback device options.

1. Open CMD and execute the following command: 

control mmsys.cpl sounds

2. Set one of the devices as default (or change the current one), then restart Spotify and see if it works.

Solution 2: Refresh the Desktop App Installation

@Sebasty suggests the following steps for refreshing the desktop app:

Try this:

  1. Close Spotify and uninstall it.
  2. Go to %AppData% in the file explorer, and delete any Spotify folders you find in Local and Roaming.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Reinstall Spotify.


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Solution 3: Reinstall Your Audio Desktop Driver


@KTofKashyyyk reinstalled their audio desktop driver to solve the playback issue. Find your computer software instructions for reinstalling your audio driver. 


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Windows 10:

Solution 1: Reset Your Playback Devices


@Ox1 suggests changing your default playback device to your computer's speakers:


Please try changing your default playback device to your computer's speakers ( restart Spotify and try it again.


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Solution 2: Update Software


@HHaken updated their PC, Java, Flash, and Windows software which solved the issue.


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Solution 3: Driver Not Properly Installed


@neekom  determined their driver was not properly installed and solved the issue with a suggestion provided by another user (1) @iknowmystuff in this thread.


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Solution 4: Sleep Mode Disrupting Playback

If your computer went on sleep mode@polvda suggests restarting the computer:

“On my computer Spotify skips all songs in a playlist when the computer has waken from sleep mode.

Restarting the computer fixes it till after the next sleep mode.”


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Solution 5: Playback Skipping with Audio Jack or Default Speakers

@Drfail21  had this suggestion for users who want to play music through the audio jack or default speakers and are experiencing track skipping in this thread.

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Bluetooth & Car Audio


@Clutchgear found that Bluetooth (on Android) was overwhelmed with running applications that was causing Spotify to skip. 


  1. Unpair the phone and radio
  2. Re-pair your Bluetooth to your car 
  3. Deny sharing contacts, messages, and turning off hands free calling


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An Album or Specific Content is Skipping 


@CarlosE  recommends reporting the content by following the steps from this support article.


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