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[0.8.8] Bring back total playlist length!

UPDATE: Playlist length is back in desktop version 😃


Update for the desktop client removed the indicator to see how long each playlist is in terms of time.


BRING THIS BACK -- and PLEASE add the playlist length indicator to the web player and the mobile apps too!


Who at Spotify thought this was acceptable?


If you DO bring this back... make it more accurate!

3.5 hours should not show as 3 hours! There is a huge difference!


*People get mad because you are dealing with their music. Music means everything to us, and when you screw it up, things aren't pretty. It's just like me going into your house and rearranging everything and in the process I stole something and left the toilet unflushed on the way out.*

Playlist length added to desktop Hey guys, As you may have seen in the latest version of the desktop client, the total length of the playlist has been added back! In the top right corner, next to the 'Available Offline' switch. It should display how long the playlist is in hours and minutes, until the playlist gets over 8hrs long (then the minutes are dropped).
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I'm getting really pissed off with the Spotify devs... do they have common sense?

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Normally I can see some sense in what the devs are doing, simplifying the client and the user experience but this is ridiculous, playlist times are a necessity! Please bring it back. 



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It's already very simple to use... they are dumbing it down for power users!

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I really really need this back. I need to know how long it plays so I can choose the right playlists to play in the background etc.


It is quite possible this has been removed to be replaced with a better version that shows lengths to the nearest minute. Would be good if spotify could clarify things like this rather than keeping us in suspense.


Bump this.

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I make a mix every week for a cycling class I teach.  For those mixes, I need to know exactly how long each interval is as I'm putting it together.  For me, the killer feature is iTunes' ability to tell me the total length of a selection (or whole playlist if < 2 songs are selected).  While Spotify playlists showed at least an approximate total, I made due so that I could take advantage of a larger (free) selection of songs.  Now that the total time is gone, I don't know how much longer I can last having to do mental math (or bust out the calculator).  After a while, it'll be more worth it to me to take $10/month to the Amazon MP3 store and then go back to mixing in iTunes.


Please tell the product owner responsible for the playlist header redesign that although I do enjoy being reminded that I have 0 followers on all my (private) playlists, the total playlist time was a more valuable feature.


Totally agree. Please bring the playlist time back and make it more accurate!

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it