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As the title suggests, can you make a collaborative playlist private? I had one I made between one other person and I assumed we'd be the only ones with access to it, but I awkardly found out that everyone can see the playlist. Why is there no option to make it private between the collaborators?

Updated: 2016-12-07

Hi @12102227245 collaborative playlists are currently private. They won't show up in your Spotify Profile and they can't be marked as "Make Public". The only way other users can find the playlist is if you share the Spotify Playlist Link with them. Let us know if you've got any questions, thanks!

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Casual Listener

If playlist created as private and then set as collaborative then it will not show as Public playlist in the creators profile. If shared to someone who will collaborate on that playlist, then it will be showd as public on his/her profile. That is not good! This needs to be addressed immediately.


If used in a family, then the playlist creator will not want to share their family music playlist publicly. Music preferences are private.


This is very much needed


Yes, please implement this Spotify! And thanks for this product




I feel like a private collaborative playlist is perfect for couples. My GF and I would also love to share a private playlist. Other than time spent changing shareability programming why would you not have this option? Does it infringe copywrite somehow? From a marketing perspective you could even have launched this as a feature on Valentines Day!


A bit of a missed opportunity in my eyes.


Bumping this thread.


I just recently created a Collaborative Playlist, thinking it would be set to private between me and the person I shared it with (I thought that would be obvious, because of the fact that I am sharing it with a specific person and not with everybody for them to see), but it is publicly seen in the person's overview with which I shared the playlist.


I don't really see how that makes any sense...


Please implement this feature!

Casual Listener

I agree 100% with all of this. My friend and I had a great playlist going between us and then some clown came along and started adding songs like a mad man!


PLEASE implement a solution to this Spotify!


Collaborative playlists should be localized to whomever we share the playlists with.


Edit: What is the status of this feature? Is it already implemented?


From this "Idea" posted last November, I'm understanding that Collaborative Playlists are both publically viewable and publically editable. In another "Idea" posted 3 weeks ago, another user believes that the Collaborative Playlist feature was recently entirely set to private, and said user is pushing for the option to set them as publically viewable but privately editable.


What's the (current) deal with Collaborative Playlists? Which of those statements is true?





I don't understand the push-back by spotify to implement this, it's a no-brainer.


Same for me.

Thats exactly what said!!!
IMHO.. the purpose of a hidden/secret colab playlist is to be just for the owner and colaborator.

If not why make
It secret??

Spotify... correct this one.
Its really a wizzard aprentice coding issue here.
Make it right.

Thank you. Flavio