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[All Platforms][Playlists] Search among my playlists on "add to Playlist"

When I click on "add to Playlist" I can see "New Playlist" and a list with all my playlists. It would be very useful if I could search among my playlists titles by taping its name. I have a lot of playlists and sometimes it's hard to find the one I want to add the song to.

Updated on 2022-07-12

Hi everyone,


Even though this idea was previously closed, we're happy to announce that your feedback has helped us improve the app and this suggestion has now been implemented.


You will find a search bar in the "Add to playlist" section of the right-click context menu on desktop and on top of the lists you get on mobile.


Thank you for participating in our ideas exchange here on the Community and playing a big role in making Spotify better for everyone!

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-09-12

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


THIS NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED. I have spent so much time scrolling endlessly through the playlist I want to add a song to. I can't believe this is not implemented yet. This is the same problem on Spotify Desktop, too! When you click add to playlist, you're required to scroll through all your playlists until you find the one you're looking for. Like cmon guys! This would affect every single person who uses playlists and it wouldn't require that much effort since you can already search for playlists. Thank you! 


Thanks, Tylerbro, for the support! I've noticed on the desktop app when you click "add to Playlist" you do not have a search field but if you start to type the name of a playlist it shows up. Maybe they're starting to work on it!


THIS!!! It needs to happen! I just posted about this idea. glad to know I’m not the only one who is annoyed by not being able to search for playlists. 


I just found out that in the desktop version you can actually search the "Add-to-Playlist" menu! Just open the menu and start typing. To make things easier in the mobile version, you can create folders in the desktop version to sort the playlists. These folders are then visible in the mobile version too.

Add filter option to screen following selection of Add to Playlist on Mobile. This would mean not having to scroll to find the playlist you want to add the track too. It could also allow you to potentialltselect multiple playlists if implemented intelligently.


Yes I want that feature pls! (ON MOBILE) (I think it's possible on Desktop)

It's very hard to scroll through all my (like 200) playlists every time when I want to ad a new song to some of them or even just one playlist...  It's wasting time. So a search bar over the playlists would be great!


Just wanted to create an own post, but get here.


This is ESSENTIAL if you have a lot of playlists! I've used Spotify since 2009 and it has become an absolute nightmare on mobile; I have to scroll, eagle eyed, through literally hundreds of playlists looking for the one I want to add to.
Bear in mind - the longer you have Spotify, the more of a problem this becomes. You're punishing your most loyal customers by not fixing this!

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Updated on 2021-03-23

Hello there!

It looks like your idea was posted a while ago but, unfortunately, it hasn't gathered the minimum amount of votes to stay active in the Ideas Exchange (50 votes in the first 3 months). I'll mark your idea as "Closed - Not Enough Votes". You can learn more on how the Ideas Exchange works here.

Have a nice day 🙂


With the new Spotify desktop update of subjective preference. We have lost a feature of relatively great importance. Previously when you right-clicked a song or album, then click "Add to playlist", you would then be able to type and it would reduce the number of playlist options available based on the input typed out into the invisible search bar. This was highly useful for users who prided themselves on a great many playlists. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. You now have to manually scroll down until you find it.