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[All Platforms] Spotify for Audiobooks

It would be awesome if Spotify made a feature for audiobooks for every listening experience for those who like a listening feature for audiobooks

Updated on 2023-03-21

Hey folks,


We're happy to announce that audiobooks are now available in selected markets on web player, mobile, and desktop. You can find more info here.


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen!

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2019-05-13

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


That's a great idea! it should contain more different section:

Booktitle / Title of track / Author / Reader  etc.


great idea


I think the audiobooks may not be incuded in your Subscription. we mayneed to make a seperate purchase.


Just commenting to be able to post an original idea. Why is this necessary Spotify?!


@oso2 If it is inactive why not just allow people to vote on this one?


I would love audibooks from Spotify, I don't want to pay to Audible!


For me as a frequent user of audiobooks in spotify it's very annoying to have singel tracks of audiobook mixed with my normal music in playlists spotify creates. For example music I listened to last year. 

It would be helpful to have something like a mode for audiobooks similar to the podcast interface. Like you all already said with separation between reader and author so on..

I also think that people would listen to more audiobooks if there were a better way to use this feature. Many of my friends didn't even knew that this feature existed until I told them that this is my way of "reading " books for school.

This could really be a thing to set against other companies like Audible.


Greetings from Germany!






As already posted 2 years ago here, the feature for Audiobooks, that have been uploaded to Spotify as Albums, hasn't been implemented by now. The original thread has been opened back in 2015 and was marked as "implemented" in 10/2018.


As this topic has been reposted now for albums and has already some votes on it, I'd like to repost my userstory:


As a

logged in premium USER

I'd like spotify to remember my listening position within any album on pause, stop or App exit

so that

I can resume listening from this position by my next return to this album.


A suggestion for a quick-fix could be a second button "resume", that is visible to all premium users on the album view:

a quick mockup:

resume playing albumresume playing album

As you also see on a mockup, it's nearly impossible to find the last position when switching between the albums.

Thanks for reviewing and hopefully implementing something, that helps anybody who likes playing audiobook albums on Spotify.


Best regards;





In case if Spotify doesnt like the idea with two buttons, you can still have one "play" button on the album view and ability to configure it's default behavior somewhere in the settings:

Album "Play" Button Setting:
- shuffle (default)
- track 1 (only available for premium users)
- resume (only available for premium users)