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[All Platforms] Bookmark Position in an Audiobook or Podcast

Hey there,

Now that Spotify have added a bunch of Audiobooks and Podcasts, I think it would be a nice idea to have the option to:
Pause your audiobook/podcast > go back to listening to music > and then be able to get back to your book/podcast and pick up where you left of, without having to memorize the time that you paused.

What do you think?


Have a good enough day!

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Updated on 2018-10-15

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Community.

We're setting this one to implemented.
Although there's not a specific 'bookmarking' feature, Spotify does now keep track of where you left off in a podcast, and store that progress for you across your devices and sessions.

If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this. In the meantime, we've passed all of your feedback along to the right teams.



This is a feature that must be for listening audio books.

Deezer almost have this and i am thinking about to change to them.

Implement this.


I'm also testing Deezer and the fact that there is an "InApp" for audiobooks makes me think also to change definitively




Yes, in deezer you can set one bookmark in only one book.

And if you hear an other book, the bookmark will be deletet.



It seems "bookmark song in a playlist" has been requested numerous times in the past but no action was ever taken. I have been creating playlists from albums I intend to explore, and listen to those on the train. I always forget what song I was up to in a playlist before I moved to somewhere else. Having this feature would make life easier. 


Please make this happen!


After spending several hours searching again and again for the last position in audiobooks, I've now changed to Deezer. Why do Sportify has this funktion for podcasts but not for audiobooks?


This thread will be soon 2 years old! Please make it happen, that user can bookmark position per album/audiobook, current use experience for this use case is just horrible! Try to listen to an audiobook for a while, switch back to music and try to get back to the audiobook after some time. User journey here is just unacceptable!


here is your user story:


As a

logged in USER

I'd like spotify to remember my listening position within any album on pause, stop or App exit

so that

I can resume listening from this position by my next return to this album.




Best regards





like RealRusty still said, its near 2 years ago, and still on status "Not right now"... we call that a pritty slow development. 

This issues will make sence for all fans of listening "audio book" or "audio drama". I currently do the workaround by making a short screenshot. But every time i continue listening i have to scroll down or search for that point... thats not a good solution. 

Please set the priority a little higher.

Thanks Whizz



the topic isnot only more than two years old, also the last status update from spotify is older than a year. Seems they are not interested in taking care of this anytime. 

I hope this is going to change soon, I already stopped listening to audio books there and get annoyed due to the same problem when listening to a new album or playlist.

Thanks Ani