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Clear play queue

I have to restart my spotify when I accendently start a song from a search instead of adding it to the queue (happens often to me), would be lovely if there would be a clear button for all the songs added to the queue by spotify it self.

Updated: 2020-12-17


We're happy to announce that we have implemented the Clear queue feature on our mobile app as well.


Just open the queue and you should see the Clear all button at the top




Updated: 2017-01-16

Hey folks, you can now find a 'CLEAR' button on the Play Queue in your Spotify Desktop app. 

If using Spotify on your mobile device you can check the songs in 'Up Next' and then select 'REMOVE'.  

Thanks for your feedback everyone!


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 10.47.58 AM.png


I understand that removing the automatically seeded items in the playlist is a contraversial issue, probably because the automatically generated playlist can be monetized. However, I think that when someone clears the play queue it should be a sign that they are tired of the artist / didn't like the majority of the songs in the queue.


TL;DR - Add a clear queue option and monetize that too

As an album listener, this "feature" is really painful. Not a good intro to Spotify.

Richards method didnt work for me. so i did the same process, except  i created my own 3 second silent .mp3 file and added it to that playlist.That made it work. I totally agree with everyone that this is a lamelack of  featiure reagarding the spotify interface.


I've been posting about this for ages, ever since this community was in


Come on, Spotify, what's up with this? Why can't we clear our play queues, or remove individual songs from them? What possible reason is there for Spotify to work like this? Why, after months upon months, have you not even bothered to respond to your users?


At this point, I would just love if someone turned into a full-fledged client, because even this pre-alpha version is less irritating than Spotify's official client.


Turn repeat function off and fast forward (skip) through the songs.  Queue cleared.


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The biggest issue with this anti-feature, is that if you end up searching for some music that turns out to be crappy then you're stuck with this potentially long crazy queue of crap music. Why not just let it be cleared?


Simply not acceptable. Fix this Spotify!

Status changed to: Implemented


Hello there, sorry for the delay,,,we have a lot of ideas to update and it´s hard to prioritize.


For now if you want to clear your queue you can always play another context (another playlist, album,...) and the queue will be replaced by the new one. Then the queue will be cleared, that is the option we have 🙂


At the moment, the whole team is trying and improving basic features for a better Spotify experience. Once we have a perfect product we will start focusing on good features and ideas. We hope you can all understand this. So at the moment, we will mark it as "Not Right Now", but check this thread because we will come back to it in the future.




Good features and ideas?

This is a BASIC function of any media player!


I am on a prenium trial and this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

I will switch back to google music if you cannot get this working.


Come on... Pretty anoying that qued songs from some days ago keep starting!