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Clear play queue

I have to restart my spotify when I accendently start a song from a search instead of adding it to the queue (happens often to me), would be lovely if there would be a clear button for all the songs added to the queue by spotify it self.

Updated: 2020-12-17


We're happy to announce that we have implemented the Clear queue feature on our mobile app as well.


Just open the queue and you should see the Clear all button at the top




Updated: 2017-01-16

Hey folks, you can now find a 'CLEAR' button on the Play Queue in your Spotify Desktop app. 

If using Spotify on your mobile device you can check the songs in 'Up Next' and then select 'REMOVE'.  

Thanks for your feedback everyone!


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@rocio you suggestion does NOT work.


when you select another playlist it gets added to the end of the queue. It does not replace it.



This workaround is pretty OK. (Choosing an empty playlist from a right-click menu.) It is still wierd that there's no button for this function.


WHY is this even a thing? Spotify shouldn't be adding tracks to our playlists (those dang grey tracks) at all. It's the most frustrating "feature" of this software.


Ten months later!  Now?


This is ridiculous. More queue features should be top priority for Spotify. I just became a premium member, and I have to say that there are several features (or missing features, rather) that disappoint me. We need better control over our queue, since others can see what we're playing (when we choose). Fix this!


Accidently ended up playing a Rihanna  Song when using the program for the first time now everything is based on Rihanna.  How can I remove her as my  preference for music?




I'm another user frustrated by this "feature". I don't buy the explanation from Spotify that they're fixing the basic stuff first before looking at improvements... this isn't an improvement we're asking for - this is how playlists should work, how they work in virtually every other music application, and how they've always worked.


To be honest I'm not a fan of the Spotify GUI full stop. I hate the fact it's a fat client and not a browser that I can use anywhere and everywhere, much like some of your competitors have understood. When I'm at a friend's house and I want to play some music then it's a real ball ache having to install Spotify on their computer when everyone already has a browser.


If making the Spotify client run in a browser isn't feasible at least fix the nonsensical auto-adding-to-playlist that you do.


ps - forgot to say that I'm a fully paid up Premium member, so not just some whinging freetard.


Another premium user here, this shoud be a default requrement of a music player not a future feature.
Fix it please, Id like to be able to clear queue or remove specific tracks.


I’ve just staggered upon this forum having come across the same frustrating issues many of you guys have.


How have Spotify got this so so wrong?  Do they really not understand the concept of a queue and a playlist?


Surely it would take a developer 10 minutes to resolve these issues. I regularly get messages notifying me a new version of Spotify is available. I rarely notice any difference.


They need to take a look at the Sonos interface and take note of some of its features. It’s quite simple.  Add a couple of features:


  • Clear Queue – Removes all tracks in queue
  • Remove from Queue – removes individual track from queue
  • Replace Queue – Clears queue and plays selected track / playlist

Tweak  a feature:

Queue – Should be applicable to both tracks and playlists and options available to :

  • Add to queue – adds track / playlist to end of queue
  • Play now – immediately plays track / playlist
  • Play next – Waits for current track in queue to finish then play track / playlist

Job done.  Is that so difficult?


Whilst I’m ranting, why in god’s name can I not star an album, not star every track in an album so I end up with a billion starred songs but have some sort of feature that allows me put all my favourite albums in a list, perhaps another list with favourite artists.


Rant over.


Premium user here: This has to be the most annoying and ridiculous lack function of a music player I've seen before. We can create a queue but NOT uncreate it!? I'd like to see that developer pitch more ideas!  "you can accelerate the car, but you cant unaccelerate it... what do you think?"   #fail