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Close Button Closes Spotify [Windows]

Or at least minimize it to a tray Icon. But I would say close it. Maybe this is more of an opinion, but I've only used 2 programs that are this bad. Skype and Spotify. And Skype is a really bad program.  So I don't know why in Spotify, the Close and Minimize button do the same exact thing. I would like a quick way to close the program and stop the musik.  This is mainly a problem for me on Windows 7 and I believe linux is very similar.


Hey everyone. This feature was implemented for Windows users in our latest update (1.0). You can read more about this update here. Thanks for your kudos and feedback here in the Idea Exchange. 


Dear Spotify,


I know the difference between minimize and close. When I click the X at the top right of Spotify I intend for the program to close, meaning that the program ends. I do not want it to minimize and still be running, if I want the program to do that I would choose the minimize option. 


This is how programs have worked for a long time - please fix this.




Jimb1177 - I've just moved your Idea over here, as it's already been mentioned.


Hmm. Thats strange - closing it using the x used to work with that unticked. I was using spotify before it bacame cool though 😉


I agree. Please fix this.

God I hate having to right click and quit spotify to close the application.


@Spotify - If you do this, please make it an option. I like that it stays open on my task bar 🙂


This is not a huge deal for me, but if there is a change, it would be nice if there was just a option or checkbox that would control which way it behaved.  Therefore, each side of this could have it the way they want it.


From a former premium member (I just cancelled), I find this behaviour more inline with spamware or shareware before you've bought into it. It's a standard, the x in the top right should close the app. If you're not going to adhere to it, give users the option on whether it does or not.

I couldn't agree more. Duplicating the functionality of a buttion that's right next to the close button is just sloppy programming practice. I haven't been coding GUI's all that long but even I know that.


If a program runs on windows it needs to follow windows layout conventions. When I hit the close button I expect the program to close.


This annoys me too - the X button has the same functionality as the minimise button. If I wanted to minimise Spotify, I would hit the minimise button! This breaks general Windows UI/X principles.


Add this option and we're all happy.