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[Country] Spotify in Azerbaijan

Hello, my name is Ali, I am 15 years old and I would like Spotify to be available in Azerbaijan and not only me I downloaded music all the time, it lasted for about 2 years only 2-3 months ago I wanted to pay for music and spotify is the perfect application for me, I understand that it’s hard for me to make it, but I decided to try it.

Updated on 2021-02-27

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to confirm that Spotify is now available in Azerbaijan.


There's some more information on this here.


Happy listening 🙂

Not yet, we are still waiting 😉 thank you.

im use spotify ++,but one of the best feature TOUCH REVIEW is removed please vote together name of spotify community thanks.


Make spotify available on Azerbaijan please , i really want it.

There are so many people who wanna use but can't because it isnt available on Azerbaijan.

Status changed to: Case Closed

Hey @Eli25,

Thanks for reaching out.

Spotify is launching regularly in countries around the world. Sign up here to be first to hear:


Status changed to: Inactive Idea

The idea has been reposted here


Updated on 2018-06-16


Your idea has been submitted a while ago but unfortunately hasn't gathered enough kudos (100 per year). In order to keep an overview of the active & recent ideas in this forum, we will close this idea for now. However this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify.

If you still feel strongly about your request, we encourage you to post your idea in a little different form again! Maybe now is the right time to receive the support of our community for your suggestion! 😉

Do you have any further questions on how the idea exchange is managed? Just click here!

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2019-04-01

Marked as a new idea 

This is a repost of the following inactive idea


>> What happens to the idea I submitted?


Hi from Azerbaijan!

We want to able to use Spotify in here, please. Last time we tried but it didn’t get enough upvote so you didn’t make it happen. But I'm pretty sure a lot people from here ready use Spotify. You can check the activity of azerbaijani listeners from other music streaming applications such as Apple Music, Deezer, Yandex music, Vk music, SoundCloud etc. It’s really hyped right now.

Even though, Azerbaijan is a small country, people from here totally into music. And also I have personally tried all of other music streaming platforms but Spotify is unique about creating song radio, offering a weekly discover, recommending related songs, playlists from Spotify and from other users. Also I have observed that tourists from other countries are preet upset when they can’t use Spotify in here (after 1-2 week it shows a problem about country as they said). So, im looking forward to see good news from you. And I can help whatever it takes. Thanks, love you all!

Status changed to: Duplicate

Updated on 2019-06-08

Hey @fatih_hadisov 


A similar idea has also been suggested here:


Please vote for it, and add a comment there, so it may be considered. Any update on the matter should be posted there.


For more info on how the Ideas Board works, click here. 🙂




Indeed we need.