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[Country] Spotify in India

I've been a Spotify Premium user from the Netherlands for 5 months now. In a month I will be going back home to India, which is where I'm from. Will Spotify ever be available in India? I'm not sure if this is the right platform for this question but it would be great to be able to access my account from there and I thought I should at least ask.

Thank you!

Updated on 2019-02-27

Hey folks,


We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in India:


Happy listening!


Can you please share the url?


There's a lot of news about Spotify launching in India this January 31st. Is it true? It would be great to have Spotify in India. Here to confirm.

Yes, Even i have heard about the same online news.

We all are waiting endlessly for the release. I've also read the same news. Let's see what happens on Jan 31, 2019. Only 5 more days to go...


It's the 31st of January and Spotify still isn't available in India. 

Status changed to: Implemented

Updated on 2019-02-27

Hey folks,


We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in India:


Happy listening!


 What happens if I take Spotify Premium in India but then move around in different countries in the world, for example a few months in the US then a few months in Germany and so on. My job requires me to do exactly that, I need to know if my premium subscription (being payed for in India) would still be valid everywhere else in the world (ofcourse where spotify exists) 


Hey @xenonforlife,


Thanks for your question.


To find out more about moving countries, make sure to check out this support article - it should have all the info you're looking for.


Hope that helps!


Thank you for the article Peter. I have another question however, because in my case, India is my home country but I have a travelling job but I do always come back to my home country. But the problem is that sometimes I come back in a few weeks, sometimes in a few months, I have even come back after a year one or two times. Now in this case, I will never actually move permanently, so can I just use my Indian Spotify Premium everywhere in the world (where Spotify is available) for as long as I need to? 

But many good songs are greyed out. Due to some lisence issues.