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[Country] Spotify in Serbia

Please consider allowing Spotify in Serbia.

There are a lot of people doing various hacks in order to get the premium account, it's so frustrating that we can't use it like the rest of the world.



Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us! 


We're excited to share with you that this idea has now been implemented! Your votes matter and we thank you all for contributing to its implementation 🙂 


True. It seems as if this thread is not active enough for anyone at Spotify to notice it and take action.


Except this shouldn't be the only way for Spotify to keep track of support for an idea and potential viability in developing an effort of this sort. Go take a look at monthly listeners for any local artist that has music available on the service, and although the number is sometimes low for newer or lesser known artists, keep in mind that this is just those of us who have the patience to VPN our way into the free portion of the service. But compare that to monthly listeners of artists with more widespread popularity and you'll see the number od those listeners rise (just like in any other market)... Except not a lot of people enjoy listening to music if it's not a language you speak. So, effectively, almost all of the listeners of an artist that sings in a particular language are those who understand it, meaning a VERY healthy portion of them live in the exact country where Spotify isn't officially available.

I would love to know how is Spotify allowed by Serbian record labels to host Serbian artists but not give that same consumer market the chance to utilize their service to consume that music? How in the **bleep** does that make sense, because Spotify almost certainly isn't getting access to that music for free and still has to pay those artists per stream... Which isn't much, but one would assume they'd want as many (PAYING) customers as possible to make the very inclusion and expansion of that music type viable... And they're just not doing that.


20 months later, no updates on the idea.. 😞

I really hope this solves soon.



Hello spotify people? Music lovers from serbia have also Visas/MasterCards or do you love Google Music and deezer so much more that you force us to use those services among others....

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Updated on 2019-05-23



Thanks for coming to the Spotify Ideas Exchange.


Spotify is launching regularly in countries around the world. Please keep an eye on the Spotify blog or signup here to be first to hear if we reach Serbia.


We hope to see you soon!

It's time to get Serbian Spotify.!!

Come on Spotify, let's do it!




Come on, already!


Finally !!!