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[Country] Spotify in Slovenia

As the title suggests we would like to have Spotify in Slovenia.

I just recently moved back from the UK and I had Spotify there and all my favorite songs in library and now I can't log back in because there is no Spotify in Slovenia.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us! 


We're excited to share with you that this idea has now been implemented! Your votes matter and we thank you all for contributing to its implementation 🙂 


When we'll get Spotify in Slovenia?

Status changed to: Up for Votes
It's a simple idea for Spotify to further expand to European markets. I have googled and found out that many Slovenians use illegal version of Spotify (they change their IP). I did try that to but it's not like the real deal plus I can't pay that monthly sub.
So i think it's a good idea to bring Spotify to Slovenia.

Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!

thanks for submitting your idea but this is a duplicate of this idea


please leave a kudo there



@OviiiOne you know what to do 😄

Status changed to: Duplicate

Hi there!
Thanks for your suggestion!

A similar idea was suggested here:

Please, leave your kudos/comments there.


Hello there!


I know Spotify is trying to be available in alot of countries but, can you think of implementing Spotify in Slovenia?

I think alot of people would appreciate it!



Status changed to: Duplicate

Updated: 2015-07-17

Hi and thanks for your contribution! A similar idea has also been suggested here:
Add your kudos and comments there please!




Would also like to ask, why Spotify is not in Slovenia?


An EU country right next to Austia, full of international people from US, Canada, Australia, UK. And suddenly I find that Spotify doesn't support Slovenia! ????


I hope it's a simple matter to deal with.

Thank you.




I can manage to use Spotify in Slovenia (somehow), but is it possible to use Premium version?

And is this kind of using Spotify legal?


For some reason I was actually able to use it as well about a week ago.


But then I did some cleaning and Spotify decided to reinstall itself. And since then it has been saying that it doesn't support Slovenia.