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Customization of playlists (cover and description box)

Hello, Spotify Community! 


One of the things I enjoy about Spotify, is that I get to share music I enjoy, with people all around the world. But how great would it be if it was possible to customize your playlists, to make it your very own. And it doesn't necessary need a lot of advanced or fancy stuff, just your picture of choice for the cover (instead of 4 album covers from your tracklist) and a description box, would be enough to make it kind of original (and make it easier for people to know what kind of music the playlist will include/what it's made for etc.). 


Here's an illustration of how I imagine the customization being put to use:




Let me hear what you think of it, and give it some kudos if you feel like doing so. 🙂


Have a good one, 

- JimmyLQD


Other ideas:

Popularity Bar / Measure in Playlist



Updated: 2016-10-20

We’re excited to finally share that you can now upload your own playlist cover and description on Desktop. Uploading via iOS and Android to follow. The feature is slowly rolling out so if you don’t have it yet check back soon. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


Love this idea! 🙂 🙂 I have so many albums in my playlists with gorgeous covers, I'd love to be able to select my favourites. I do hope this feature is considered by the Spotify moderators - it'd really give the already astonishing library of album covers available that extra bit of functionality. 🙂


One of my favourite things about making mix tapes/CDs was creating the cover artwork. Spotify has no way to do this. At the moment it simply generates a grid of 4 album covers. Would be great if I could upload my own image to stick on there and send to friends.


Yes please. Our general music playlist avatar contains the date of this year's festival which is in the past now. No way to change it to a version with new date or a dateless avatar.


North Sea Jazz Mix



Status changed to: Implemented


Hello folks!

We have passed this idea internally and we are considering it now. Check this thread for next updates which might come soon.

Thanks for your feedback, we are here to listening what you guys want 😉


Great idea!


Descriptions in playlists is already "Under Consideration" here.



Status changed to: Implemented

Well, this is exactly what they decided to reward the top contributors this month. I guess we're testers and this is going to come soon.


Glad to see this bubble up to the top of the list for consideration.  I really hope this makes it to feature status.  A few thoughts on how I would implement it:


  • Realistically I'd expect choosing the cover art to mean, "choosing which four album sleeves get displayed as the playlist avatar" and that's probably what we'll get.  All sorts of issues from IP to content appropriateness to storage come along with letting users upload their own images.  Maybe tie that to premium down the road or at least integrate with Instagram or something to use a photo from the user's feed as the cover.  
  • The description field is so easy and yet it makes the playlist feature ten times more compelling.  It gives the playlist author(s) a chance to really describe what the playlist is about, why they chose what they did, when they suggest people listen to it, whether they want you to listen on shuffle, etc.  I'd want a fairly generous character limit for this.  We're talking in the thousands, not 500 or something like that.  People love to talk about music.  Let them.
  • The description box also opens up lots of possibilities for brands as well.  I'd make sure hyperlinks are supported as well.  I don't need to draw you a picture on this one I'm sure.
  • When sharing a playlist to facebook, I'd want at least an abstract of the description to be pulled in along with it.
  • Comments:  would love to have the option to allow subscribers to leave comments for me either on the playlist generally or on a track-by-track basis.  
  • "liking" of tracks -- This might be its own separate feature.  Would be a good opportunity to quickly provide feedback to a playlist author on a song and for the author to be able to see which tracks are resonating with subscribers.

In summary, I think playlists could be the biggest asset Spotify has but they're not living up to their potential as currently constituted.  If you give users more features to customize the playlists and provide context for the songs and give subscribers a chance to provide more feedback, their use will explode.  


Now that's a really great contribution to the community, Peplau .


I agree with everything you've listed in your comment. I thought about the same thing when it came to uploading personal images, and how it would need a lot of storage, but your idea of incorporating other media/photo sharing sites etc, and moderating the usage down to only Unlimited and/or Premium users, is a great idea!


Also I really like the idea of Commenting and Liking songs, great way of feedback, I sometimes wonder if my subscribers even listen to my music, or like it for that matter. 


I'm getting excited. Haha.

Have good one, mate!